Business Loans: Seed Capital Reviews

As with any business, potential clients wonder what others are saying about the services they have received when dealing with a particular company.  The Seed Capital Reviews are stellar but take a look below to see what real clients are saying.  Applying for business loans is easier than most people think but having the right company helping you along the way could mean the difference between success and failure.

Actual Seed Capital Reviews

I have a small family-run business that had need for capital. Seed Capital has lived up
to their word. Seed Capital has delivered on its promise to make funds available to my
business in a relatively short period of time. In approximately two months, they
exceeded my initial request for capital. Seed Capital consists of a professional group of
consultants that are proficient and experts in the field of accessing capital. I relied on
their talents and expertise and they delivered on their promise of locating funds in a
timely manner. Thanks to Seed Capital, my business is flourishing without the financial
constraints that plague many businesses (small and large).
In summary, Seed Capital has underpromised and overdelivered. They are a pleasure
to do business with. I look forward to the continued working relationship with Seed
CEO Integris Consulting Group, LLC
After not being able to get into a franchise due to a competitive bid, I did not loose hope
in starting or expanding my business. When I moved to Florida with the Real Estate
prices low as they were, I took advantage of Seed Capital. What banks could not do I
could count on Seed Capital to get the business going and to expand. If it were not for
Seed Capital we would be wondering how do we get financing.
The customer service and the partnership with Seed Capital has been invaluable.
Anyone wanting to start a business and have no options, please trust in Seed Capital as
they know what they are doing.
Thank you,
Mike Hanson
President, Hanson Investments
My name is Gretta and I have been working with Seed Capital to establish the
necessary capital that I needed to get a new franchise started in the South Carolina
market. The process has been very easy due to the support I have received from Seed
Capital. Within a very short period after having the support of Seed Capital, I had the
capital to make my new business venture a reality. My long time bank of more than
fifteen years would not even consider helping me.
Thank You Seed Capital, for the wonderful work that you all have done and continue to
do for me.
Gretta Richard
In these economic times, it is difficult to know where to turn for credit guidance and
help. There are any number of people who claim to be “specialists” in securing credit or
funding. I am fortunate because I found Seed Capital.
Not only did they secure over $100K in credit card lines for my new company, they have
continued to monitor and work with me for the past 5 – 6 months to make sure that I am
staying on track to build the right credit portfolio to include trade accounts.
I fully expect the relationship will continue on the same path and I will have corporate
credit worthy of a company that had been in existence for many years more than mine.
It is all about knowing the credit procurement business, and they do.
Dr. Robert D. Thompson
Diagnostics Research Corporation/Metrika Phoenix, Inc
I would like to say Seed Capital has been very helpful and professional in all aspects of
my dealing with them I am now at the point where I am about to open what will hopefully
be the first of many more stores all due to their access to funds which I know I could not
have located without their help. I would also like to add I was ignored by a bank who
said they wanted to help me and they held everything up for a couple of months when I
called Seed I was helped right away. I hope our relationship continues for a long time.
Thank You,
M. Frazher
Dollar Value, Inc.
Seed Capital was able to over deliver on what I needed to give my business a
competitive edge in the marketplace. Their expert advice and trust is what I needed
especially in today’s economy. Any time I have a question or need help with something
they are always there as an advocate by email or phone. I give them 2 thumbs up!!!
Jimmy Quinn
JQ Mobile , LLC

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